Why A DUI Case Is Never Hopeless

You Do Not Have To Be Afraid After Charges

DUI/DWI charges are very serious. After being arrested for drunk driving, you might be facing stiff fines, loss of your license or even jail time. If you are facing potential charges, or have been charged, you might think all hope is lost.

However, at Comerford & Saccoccio, we are experienced attorneys in both criminal defense in general and DUI/DWI defense specifically. We know that no DUI case is ever truly hopeless: there is always something that can be done.

Uncovering Information That Can Help You

Our aim is to get our clients the most favorable outcome possible to their situation, whether that means a plea bargain, reducing charges or even getting charges dismissed. We will examine your case, looking for potential issues like:

There are many aspects of your traffic stop and treatment after the stop that can call your charges into question. We are dedicated to our clients, and will work with you to find the correct approach.

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